The Story Behind “Light Divine”

A doorway into most of my paintings is my photography. The awe I experience with camera in hand is invigorating and energizing. Downloaded digital files drive me to my artist’s table compelling me to interpret what I’ve seen. But is using my reference photos limiting my creativity?

My husband has often encouraged me to, “Just go upstairs and paint what comes through your heart.” I’ll nod and smile and agree while I’m headed out the door with my camera. But, for Light Divine, I did as he’s suggested.

Light Divine, 12×20 watercolor by June Rollins

No reference photo, no sketch, just some slowing down, deep breaths to quiet the mind static so I can hear the silence. And to quote Madeleine L’Engle, “As I listen to the silence, I learn that my feelings about art and my feelings about the Creator of the Universe are inseparable.”

Fine Art is something

 You care deeply about.

 –Robert Toth

4 thoughts on “The Story Behind “Light Divine”

  1. Actually, now that I’m here, I don’t quite know what to say… I THOUGHT I wanted to comment, but am sort of “speechless…” I do love this painting — a lot — but right now, it defies any words that I can think of… But, that’s o.k. too! The enjoyment and feeling is very real whether I’m able to comment or not…

  2. What absolutely gorgeous work! Thank you so much for writing to me, and for including my Gran’s quote! Do you ever make prints of your work? I LOVE Light Divine!

  3. Lena, thank you for responding! Note cards are available of Light Divine. Blank ($2 ea) or with an inside sentiment of your choice ($2.50).

    Your Gran’s words are leaping off the page for me right now in Walking On Water. What a rich heritage you have and for you to be a writer too!

    Blessings, June

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