Just Before Sunset Watercolor Demo – Step 1

Even though the judging of art competitions is highly subjective, when  a painting does receive a ribbon, it also receives more attention from the public. And more scrutiny from other artists, who may be thinking, Why this one and not mine?

With that in mind, and because this is the process I’ll be teaching in an upcoming beginner watercolor series, the next several posts will be on the steps I used  in creating, Just Before Sunset.

Just Before Sunset, 7×10 Watercolor on 140 lb. Arches CP, received 2nd place in the Stanly Art Guild All Member Show.

Here is the photo of the still life I set-up,  just before sunset, literally. The sun dropped below the horizon and all was in shadow after I had  taken just one digital. This is the one that didn’t get away! The angle of the sun this time of year produces a glorious quality of light. I encourage you to get out your cameras just before sunset. Savor the fleeting, magical light of autumn and get some great reference photos 🙂

Autumn is the mellower season.

What we lose in flowers,

We more than gain in fruits.


–Samuel Butler

One thought on “Just Before Sunset Watercolor Demo – Step 1

  1. I absolutely love this…. and YES, the autumn light — especially right before sunset — is so very SPECIAL… almost like an AURA… Thanks. This is truly a gorgeous painting.

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