Time To Refill The Tank

In the Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron encourages us to repleninsh our creativity wells or else they will will run dry.

I’ve been working pretty hard lately and felt my tank getting low. The culmination of preparing for and teaching a one-day class, an afternoon art demonstration, then preparing for and hanging a solo-exhibition (thankfully, I had help with the exhibition) left me feeling, well, empty. Not to mention coming down with a cold.

I had a commission deadline looming before me and knew I needed to begin working on it. But, I also knew dutifully going on to the next task was not the wiser choice.

When the creative energy is at a low ebb, Julia Cameron recommends letting yourself be drawn to the mysterious or having a spirit of play. For me, that translates into alcohol inks.

My blog stats indicate the earlier alcohol inks post received a lot of visits, which makes me think this will be a welcome, creativity tank-filling  experience for you too. Shown below are a few of the fruits of my play 🙂

Dreamscape No. 1, 4×4, in 8×10 black suede mat $40

On exhibit at Olde Mill Galleries, Wadesboro, NC, 704-272-5463 

Dreamscape No. 7, 4×4, w/ white mat and 8×8 black frame, $45

On exhibit during Arts Council Of York County

 4th Annual Art Frenzy, Nov. 8-14,

Rock Hill SC, 803-328-2787


Dreamscape No. 2, 3×5 in 5×7 white mat, $35

On exhibit at Art Nutz in Southen Pines, NC, 910-695-1555

Golden Sun, 7×10 in 11×14 white mat, $85

On exhibit at Art Nutz in Southen Pines, NC, 910-695-1555

Luna, 7×10 image

11×14 white mat and silver metal frame, $85

On exhibit at Olde Mill Galleries, Wadesboro, NC, 704-272-5463

Dragon’s Ridge, 8×8

With white mat in 15×15 gold metal frame, $85

On exhibit until Oct. 29th at Stanly Agri-Center,

Albemarle, NC, 704-695-4453


Anyone interested in learning about alcohol inks, please consider taking a class from Karen Walker. Visit her website to find out about online learning opportunities and to see some spectacular alcohol ink renderings! http://www.karenwalkerart.com


Play is the exultation

of the possible

–Martin Buber


6 thoughts on “Time To Refill The Tank

  1. June – these are beautiful pieces! I especially like Dragon’s Ridge. I’m so happy to read that the inks bring “the spirit of play” to you! – Karen

  2. Hey, I LOVE your “dreamscapes!” The COLORS just blew me away — so vivid — and awesome… and yes, it does give me some ideas… about something. Thank you for sharing!
    Nona Goodman

  3. I am so inspired!! Thank you, I 1st saw this artform @ the Wayside inn artfair in Sudbury Mass. about 8 years ago.The artist would tell me NOTHING about her artform.I wanted desperatly to learn how she did it,but had no clue since I didn’t even know the name of the medium,now,my world has opened up and I am on a mission. I have a feeling getting supplies stocked up will be expensive.Do you have any clues as to where the least expensive place to purchase these things would be??Maybe an internet site , or a Michaels ,or A C Moore..I have thought of an Art store,but that just sounds really expensive to me. Any help wil be greatly appeciated, Thank you in advance Marcia

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