Iris No. 8 On To Glory – Watercolor Demo Step 5

This post will show the final steps for completing Iris No. 8 –  On To Glory. I’m posting 7 images, believing a picture is worth a thousand words. Please ask any questions or offer any comments about this demonstration to help guide me with future posts. And thanks for subscribing to my blog!

I’m laying in the second wash with a combination of hard and soft edges. Hard edges are formed when the paper is dry, soft edges, when the paper is wet.

I am now negative painting behind the beard of the iris.

While the paint is still wet, I take a second damp brush and lose the edge.

More lifting to create form and definition with a damp, flat brush.

I’ve painted a graduated wash for the beard of the iris and am using same lifting technique.

And now that deep blue background. Have plenty of pre-mixed pigment. This is not a step to run out of paint 😮

Iris No. 8 – On To Glory, 8×8, Watercolor by June Rollins

How I feel about what I paint

is infinitely more important to me

than what I paint.

–Noyes Capehart

Our State Magazine, Mar. 2007


6 thoughts on “Iris No. 8 On To Glory – Watercolor Demo Step 5

  1. Hi June,
    You’ve achieved some very lovely effects by gently removing pigment while still wet. Thank you, I was looking for info on that subject.

  2. Hi Kathie,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Please click on comments in step 4 to see the colors used for Iris No. 8, On to Glory. Happy Painting in 2011, June

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