Iris No. 8 – On to Glory Watercolor Demo Step 4

There is usually a pivotal moment during the creative process when the painting seems to come alive. For me, it occurs when what I’ve been envisioning  begins to appear on the paper. I first felt this encouraging moment during the above image. 

Here is a close-up of the painting process. I’ve applied a wet glaze in a slightly deeper value and while still damp, I’m using a flat brush to lift areas to the lighter valued first wash.

Here is another image of the same process on an adjacent petal. The second, deeper glaze has been added and I am just beginning to lift.

More of the same. Notice the difference in the above two images. When I am lifting to create form, it feels like I’m sculpting.

Next week, I’ll complete the final petal using wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry glazes with more lifting to add depth and form.

In the beginning, the painting is often in an ugly duckling phase. But if the artist holds on to his/her vision…well, you know the rest of the story.

Never give up then,

 for that is just the place

 and time that the tide will turn.

–Harriet BeecherStowe


In other words,


Keep Painting


2 thoughts on “Iris No. 8 – On to Glory Watercolor Demo Step 4

  1. Hey Donna!

    I’ve just been waiting for someone to be interested enough to ask!

    In “On To Glory” I used:

    Winsor Newton- cadmium yellow medium, winsor orange, cadmium red, gold ochre, green gold, permanent magenta, ultramarine blue and winsor blue

    Thanks and Happy Painting!

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