Iris No. 8 – On To Glory-Watercolor Demo Step 3

I’m continuing to paint wet-into-wet, letting the colors blend naturally within the smaller shapes. This style of painting can be very relaxing.

Here is another completed smaller shape using the same wet-into-wet process. There is very little brushwork. The paint is dropped-in.

While still damp, I begin to carefully lift to create definition and form.

Here is the finished effect after lifting.

When describing this week’s painting process, the two words that come to mind are: gentle attentiveness.

For me, gentle attentiveness more easily unfolds while working in solitude in my studio. Without distractions and interruptions, I am better able to connect to the painting.

Be alert to the senses.

Elevate the ordinary.

Art is about a heightened

State of awareness.

–Michael Kimmelman


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