Iris No. 8 – On to Glory Watercolor Demo Step 2

After the composition is decided, I choose pigments through color mixing and value range experimentations. I normally limit the selection to no more than 8 pigments, predominately using only 3-5, while the others serve as accents.

In this demonstration, I am working in sections by painting with water first and then dropping in color. Above, I have previously painted two sections that are now dry and am shown painting the third section in water. 

While the third section is wet I drop in the predominate color.

Within seconds, while the predominate color is wet, I drop in additional pigments and let them mix naturally. They are most beautiful when I stay out of the way and don’t interfere with counter-productive brushwork 🙂

If only one thing is remembered from this post, let it be:


Timing is critical


in watercolor


Before putting paint onto paper, it behooves us to have decided on all pigments and have them in a diluted state ready to be used. It is also a good practice to have any other required materials at our fingertips, like brushes, paper towels, etc. because:


Chance favors


the prepared mind.


–Louis Pasteur




2 thoughts on “Iris No. 8 – On to Glory Watercolor Demo Step 2

  1. June,
    Just wanted to thank you for sharing your lovely work. You are certainly a great inspiration to me and to many others, I am sure. Love the yellow iris watercolor especially!

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