Wishing For Autumn?

Anybody out there wishing for autumn besides me?

During September and October visit, www.yadkinvalleyliving.com and click on June Rollins to read why I’m ready for summer to end. After October 2010, read below:

Autumn Already?

Maybe I’m crazy, but I love this time of year. Love the cool days and cooler evenings, love the slowly increasing darkness calling an end to a relentlessly hot, bright summer.

If this were a multiple choice for one of your favorites, which would you pick?

  1. Oppressive heat and sunburn
  2. Mosquitoes and poison ivy
  3. Long lines and poor service
  4. People upset by long lines and poor service
  5. Being snowed in with that book you’ve wanted to read and a mug of hot (cider, coffee, cocoa or cognac).

See my point? While many lament the ending of summer. I’m ready for it’s passing. Like a loud, over-heated, one-way conversation that has gone on far too long. I yearn for the sacred, slowing down, sound of silence that an approaching winter brings.

In a couple of months after the autumn light show, when the mums have turned brown and the pumpkins have gone soft, things will get seriously silent. Eerily, silent. So silent you can hear snow fall.

Looking forward to getting out your mittens and scarves yet? Me either. Even though I say I’m ready, I just have a few more things I need to do.

The recent cooler weather has inspired me to work in our flowerbeds, which means my husband, Rob (bless his heart), has needed to be inspired too. Because what I wanted done, he needed to do. All that tilling, digging and mulching was too much for me. Then there was the re-digging when I changed my mind on where I thought something should go. About now, my extroverted, summer lovin’ husband is longing for that first snow too.

Next week my bulb order should arrive. Over 200 possibilities, a diverse mix of crocus, daffodils, hyacinths and tulips bursting with potential and looking for a home in our yard. Good thing we have two bulb planters 😉 Then it will be time to paint the screened-in porches, put up the shutters and refinish that bookcase.

Yes, I welcome autumn! Because I know soon, very soon, I’ll be seeing a collection of stoic black etchings pressing into a midnight blue sky and it won’t even be time for the evening news. Once again, I’ll let out a breath I didn’t realize I had been holding and feel I’ve been given permission to slow down and rest and not feel guilty for listening to bulbs dream and snow fall.

Enjoy the Journey.

“I dream my painting and then I paint my dream.” –Vincent Van Gogh

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