Plein Air At High Ridge Gardens

Saturday was a just for fun, artist’s day out for me. I accepted an e-mail invitation from Mary Erickson to come to a sunrise-to-sunset, plein air open house at High Ridge Gardens.

Mary is an accomplished oil painter And High Ridge Gardens is a 39-acre bird sanctuary and artists’ retreat facility in North Carolina.

It was quite an adventure leaving before sunrise for somewhere I have never been before to be with other artists I had not met before. And to make it even more of a stretch, I rarely work plein air. Like four times in ten years. Now, five. Plus, I chose a medium I have little experience in, pastels.

There were 35 artists scattered throughout the 39 acres and I actually did already know three of them. Someone new I was happy to meet was Ginny Dauth, an accomplished pastelist who offered valuable insights (I’m not sure why this link is not working. It’s worth the effort of typing in to see Ginny’s work).

Why did I choose to spend a day in unfamiliar territories of location, method and medium?  To help me let go of  “results” and just enjoy “art-making.” Plus, there was the good food, camaraderie and optional group critiques. Enjoy the journey!

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