“Lady Amethyst” Step 3 Watercolor Demo

I wish I had some great secret to share, but I can sum up my painting process for the majority of Lady Amethyst in just four words…  


Wash On, Wash Off


I’ll show you what I mean.

Above, you can see where I have painted some more shapes as explained in step 2. Maybe you can also see some lifted areas within those shapes? Here, I am doing the wash on step. I’m adding a mid-valued wash.

Here is the wash off step. While the wash was still damp, with a thirsty round sable I lifted some of the color to create a lighter shape with soft edges. A thirsty brush is a damp brush. Sable has more wicking power than synthetics.

Now that you know what to look for, I hope you can see several lifted shapes in the above photo. They add definition and depth to an otherwise flat shape.  The size and edge quality is determined by the brush I used and if the surface was damp or dry when I lifted.

So, the secret is – and I know of a teacher before me with a similar mantra...😉


Wash On, Wash Off

many, many times 😀

Next time we’ll do a little detailing.

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