Artist’s Day Out – AWS Traveling Exhibit

Once a month or as needed ;-), I plan an Artist’s Day Out. It’s a day to nourish my artist’s spirit and usually involves a field trip. I might go to an art exhibit, festival, museum etc.. Or, visit other artists I admire and exchange war stories and ideas. Both serve to uplift,  inspire and encourage, recharging me to enter into the next painting with renewed zeal.

Yesterday, I visited with Susan, an artist  friend I met 10 years ago in my first beginning watercolor class.

I admired her then and continue to admire her as she works towards excellence in all she does.  To see her exceptional watercolors visit

Susan and I went to the Mooresvile Artist Depot in Historic Downtown Mooresville to view the 2010 American Watercolor Society (AWS) Traveling Exhibit.

These works by modern day masters were breathtaking. My favorite (shown left) was Casi In Casa by Alan Wylie

And how is it that the 143rd International AWS Traveling Exhibition came to Mooresville, NC, it’s only location in the south?

One person wrote one letter.

I had the opportunity to meet the letter-writing artist with a vision,  Ellen Patterson, who told us a future AWS Traveling Exhibit will return to Mooresville in 4 years.

The 2010 exhibit will be in Mooresville through June 27.

For more details, visit

2 thoughts on “Artist’s Day Out – AWS Traveling Exhibit

  1. What a wonderful experience. We also got to see the show multiple times while it was here in southeastern Washington (Richland). The Alan Wylie painting was also my favorite. I went back several times to study it. Isn’t it wonderful to see how many people were able to “come together” by experiencing this traveling show. Thanks for posting.

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