Brick By Brick…(Step 7 – Church Portrait Demo)


Well, there’s no way around it. I’m using a 1/4 inch flat to glaze in brick by brick over the first light-valued wash. I’m using light washes of varying hues to symbolize the different colored brick in the building.

In the above close-up please notice the random hues, how pale the glazes are and lost edges. While the glaze was still damp, I dropped in water to add variety and prevent it from looking stiff and contrived. But we’re still not finished.

This photo shows a third glaze over the bricks that serves to soften and unify. I’ve removed the masking and am beginning to paint in the light valued areas.

Also notice, the portion of the building further back in the compostion only shows small suggestions of a brick facade. This helps create perspective and depth.  And you see in the next post, we’ll be washing-in a few windows. Happy Painting ’til then!

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