Beating Around The Bush (Step 6 – Church Portrait Demo)

“Beating around the bush” is a colloquial expression meaning a person is not being direct, but is instead talking around the subject.  Often, what’s not said is more revealing than what is said. Negative paintng the crape myrtle in this demonstration is similar. By painting the background around it, the crape myrtle appears.

This photo was in the last post. I wanted to post it again as it shows where I have masked out the trunk and branches and have previously negative painted around the top of the crape myrtle.

Here I am negative painting around the base of the crape myrtle foilage. I’m varying hue, value and texture within the shape for visual interest.

I’ve continued negative painting around the individual branches to symbolize the crape myrtle in bloom. I’m not pleased with the lower right portion. It is a distracting shape and looks contrived.

I’ve adjusted the shape by more negative paintng and softened some edges by lifting. The masking has been removed and the trunk and branches painted in. I’ve also put a second glaze on the background pavement. Plus, you can see the subject of the next post, a technique for rendering brick facade. Happy painting!

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