That’s How The Photo Was…(Step 4 – Church Portrait Demo)

“That’s how the photo was,” is usually the response I receive when questioning a student on an area of a painting that does not read well.

All I can say is, I understand perfectly 😉

Above is a cropped segment of the reference photo I was taking a little too literally. When I mentioned the missing shrubs to a staff member at this church, he chuckled and said, “Use your artistic license, some of those shrubs just didn’t make it.”

 Where upon I was relieved I had used non-staining pigments in the first wash because they are easily lifted. As you can see, I had begun to place the shrubs and had also planned on going by the photo. Time to tear down part of a wall!

This is simply a matter of using a small synthetic flat brush and water. Stroke on the water, gently scrub to lift the pigment and blot with a paper towel.

You can also see in the above photo, I’m now using a protective plastic over most of the painting while I work. Just one stray drop of pigment into the light valued sky is not something I want to correct.

Now, it’s time to plant more shrubbery. I’ll show the four steps I use in the next post.

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