Trumpets of Hope

It’s the season of daffodils and listed below is a link to a column I’ve written that’s in the Mar/Apr issue of Yadkin Valley Living Magazine about these spring harbingers.

Here, I’ll share the “before” and “after” images of “Trumpets of Hope.”

The “before” image shows a definite strong contrast between foreground and background in value and use of yellow/purple color opposites.

Too strong and I didn’t care for the “cookie cutter” look.

I went to bed a bit discouraged, but awoke the next morning with an idea I was eager to try.

I like the below softened version of “Trumpets Of Hope” much better. In my opinion it’s not ‘in your face” stark as the “before” version, plus, there’s  an added nuance of  mystery and drama.

To read the story behind this watercolor, visit: and click on “June Rollins.”

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