Photo A Day

I’m impressed with artists who post a painting a day on their blogs. Let’s see how taking a photo a day goes for me. And if they are any good, I’ll post them 😉

A passion for photography in the late 1980s is what eventually led me to wanting to learn to paint from my photos in the 1990s. And today, two decades later,  if I paint from a  photo – it’s  my own. Authenticity resonates.

It was a fat snow fall yesterday. Snowballs raining from the sky. Early this morning outside my studio window it lingered briefly, heavy on the pines.

Home to a red-bellied woodpecker, wandering deer, and squirrels training for the olympics in the lateral, long-distance, flying-jump category.

All just a block from downtown. Diamonds in our backyard.

Enjoy the journey.

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