September’s Bigger Pictures

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 5.58.56 AMSeptember Oil Paintings

When I look back on September paintings, I see how an approaching autumn is influencing my palette. While still fascinated by close-up expressions, there was also a desire to step-back and include surrounding settings, which required a larger panel.

Incorporating suggestions of skies, water, trees, leaves, fences, pastures and grasses was a fun challenge. Some of these paintings are shown cropped, to see them un-cropped, visit: June Rollins Gallery

To see paintings from previous 12 months that had the highest favorable feedback and views, visit: 2019 Art Calendar



Double Takes – August Review

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 5.23.16 AM.png

Here are the oil paintings created in August. Can you find the double take?

I posted this painting that had been promised to a gallery representing my work and received an e-mail query from an interested buyer. Dilemma. It was newly painted and still needed 2-3 weeks dry time. There was time to paint it twice. Problem solved.

This fun challenge prompted me to paint again a couple of my favorites from several months past. The key factor in this experiment is I could not look at the earlier painting.

Painting from the same reference photo, I wanted to see if I was handling the paint differently, etc. :

Jerimiah 12-17 & 8-18

(Top) Jeremiah 1 – December 2017 (Bottom) Jeremiah 2 – August 2018

Theodore 1 & 2

(Top) Theodore 1 – Sept. 2017 (Bottom) Theodore 2 – August 2018

I see the variations yet remain pleased with the previous work and am equally encouraged with the current work.

It has been fun to compare the earlier and more recent interpretations. Similar to re-visiting past journal entries and experiencing a kind of endearment, I suppose.

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. -Pablo Picasso

Enjoy the Journey,


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I’m excited to share, just yesterday I received notice that the painting, Welcome To The Club, on featured on the 2019 calendar cover was accepted into the 11th Annual SAAG National Juried Art Competition.



July’s Work – Then & Now

July images

July 2018 Oil Paintings ©June Rollins

I’ve devoted myself to working in traditional oils for a little over a year now. My approach has been to create one to three small paintings each week. When reflecting on July’s work, shown above, I thought it might be fun to compare it with the efforts from July 2017.

July 2017

July 2017 Oil Paintings ©June Rollins

Painting is like keeping a diary. It was interesting to read what was important to me a year ago: July 2017’s Paintings

I definitely spent more time flower gardening last year as half of the paintings were from my reference photos from flowers I tended. The most obvious shift is subject matter, from flowers to animals. Maybe, a more subtle, mature handling of the medium from last year to this year? Not sure, but hope so. Always want to be challenging myself and making new discoveries.


Of one thing I am certain, is my continued, growing fascination with oils and creating expressive, animal portraits. This awareness has prompted me to completely revise my website

If you  visit it, you will also see my 2019 Art Calendar of which I am especially pleased as I feel it represents the heart of my work.

2019 June Rollins ART Calendar – FREE Shipping in August.

Thank you for your interest in June Rollins ART.




My June Brides…

…All Wore White.


I didn’t set out to paint subjects that were white in June, but after the first couple paintings with their accompanying challenges and discoveries, I did take it on.

Straight white out of the tube was never used. I love how subtle (and sometimes bold) hue, value and temperature shifts, make these subjects…read white!

This Little Piggy, you can pick her out ;), was the last work I created in June. I wanted the additional challenge of creating the illusion of light on white and black.

This Little Piggy, as are all my small animal paintings are for sale. They range in size from 5×5 to 12×16 with an occasional 16×20. If interested in seeing what’s available, visit: June Rollins DPW.

Or, if you’re in the area, visit, these fine craft/art shops representing my work in Southwestern NC: Mountain Nest in Black Mountain, Twigs And Leaves in Waynesville, John C. Campbell Folkschool Craft Shop in Brasstown.

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Thank you for your interest in my art!






May Oils & Inks

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 8.02.03 AMDuring May, I painted the eight above oils, plus,

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 8.05.42 AM…these five Alcohol Ink Dreamscapes.

While using different mediums and different approaches, the common denominator is all are small works, ranging from 3×5 to 8×10. All are also either sold or on gallery consignment.

Thank you to my collectors and patrons. You keep me painting. Literally 😉

Wishing Everyone a Thomas Edison Summer.

I never did a day’s work my entire life. It was all fun. -Thomas Edison





April Paintings


Here is a collage of April’s 11 oil paintings.

Some have sold, some are still drying and one is a gift to Martha in appreciation for giving me permission to photograph her sheep and precious lambs.

Doing my best to keep locations representing my work supplied: John C. Campbell Folkschool Craft Shop, Brasstown, NC, Twigs And Leaves Gallery, Waynesville, NC and Mountain Nest, Black Mountain, NC.

How can we not be inspired during this spring season of blooming flowers and prancing, baby, farm animals. Paint, paint, paint, as fast as we can 🙂

Happy Spring To All.



March Results

March PaintingsMarch was good for nine paintings shown above.

Three, painted early March, were larger than my norm. Happy to be notified that all three were juried into the Mountain Arts Association Spring Show which will be on exhibit at Brasstown Valley Resort. Opening Reception, Fri., Apr. 6th.

In the works…

Just planted zinnia seeds in our sunny window, hidden and hoping to be models in future paintings this summer.

Preparing for a beginning watercolor weekend workshop at John C. Campbell Folkschool late July.

Making time to take more reference photos.


Hope I have something to show next month. Thanks for checking in.