Couldn’t Help Myself…

Just Had To Do A Little Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping

Dreamscape No. 503, 4x4, Piñata alcohol Inks, Ceramic Tile, Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Dreamscape No. 503, 4×4, Piñata Alcohol Inks, Ceramic Tile, Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Day Seven 30 in 30 – Used Piñata Santa Fe Red and Baja Blue, Adirondack Silver

Last January in Leslie Saeta’s 30 in 30 Painting Challenge I only did Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping on Ceramic Tiles. To see last year’s efforts, click: Jan. 2013 30 In 30

It’s just as much fun now, as it was then.

Today’s Awareness

To Love What You Do,

Do What You Love.

Want To Learn More About Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping? Visit: What Is Dreamscaping?

Entering Into The Enchanted Forest

Just wanted to splatter on some primaries today and see where they took me..

Began with primary triad.

Feeling more relaxed already watching colors blend on their own.

Working out emotions with combo of direct painting, spatter and splatter!

Day 6, Watercolor, 6x8 ©June Rollins

Day 6, Watercolor, 6×8
©June Rollins

Transitioning into the careful seeking, discerning, stage of lifting and negative painting.

Which led to the compelling feeling that I wanted to enter into this enchanted little forest :)

Day 6  in 30 in 30 Challenge – Used American Journey Ultramarine Blue, Winsor & Newton Gold Ochre & Cadmium Red

Up for Auction: Bid Here

Today’s Awareness

Funny, how those intuitively painted woods seemed so ominous the day before. Couldn’t have been just me. Could it?

Intuitive painting can be serious play, sometimes getting in touch with parts of ourselves we are unaware.

Just When I Thought I Was Out Of The Woods

Day 5 - 5x7, Watercolor ©June Rollins

Day 5 – 5×7, Watercolor
©June Rollins

Day 5 of Jan. 30 in 30  - American Journey Burnt Sienna & Ultramarine Blue

Up For Auction: Bid Here

Today’s Awareness

In the studio at 7am, decided to check e-mail…one click led to another and the next thing I know it’s 8:30am. An hour and a half that I could have spent painting :( Was anything I responded to time-sensitive. No. Is this painting challenge time-sensitive? Yes.

Today’s painting symbolizes  I’m not out of the woods yet when it comes to managing my time better.

Acrylic – A Good Friend During Tough Times

Dreamscape No. 506, 5x7, Acrylic ©June Rollins

Dreamscape No. 506, 5×7, Acrylic
©June Rollins

Day 4 Painting of the 30 in 30 Painting Challenge – Holbein Acrylic Burnt Sienna and Utramarine Blue (same as Day 3 Painting).  Plus, White. Up for Auction: Bid Here

Today’s Awareness

For stress-free, water-media painting, choose acrylic over watercolor. I know luminosity is lost, but if you’re having one of those days….of not getting it right the first time, acrylic will be your friend and encourage you to try again and again and again :)

Already Playing Catch-Up

Realized I need to paint a day ahead because Day 3 painting needed to be posted tonight  in my  DPW Gallery in order for it to show up on Day 3, tomorrow.

Fortunate to have had a few extra hours today to devote to the challenge.

Here are Day 2 and 3 Paintings:

Dreamscape No. 504, 5x7 Watercolor, © June Rollins

Day 2 – Dreamscape No. 504, 5×7
Watercolor, © June Rollins

Used one of my favorite, warm-up combos: Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue. Minimal brushwork. Wet-into-wet with board on a tilt.

Day 3 - Dreamscape No. 505, 5x5 Acrylic, ©June Rollins

Day 3 – Dreamscape No. 505, 5×5
Acrylic, ©June Rollins

I bought a starter set of Holbein Acrylic Tube Paints for an Intro To Acrylics Workshop I took in 2009. Hadn’t touched them since. I had read you can water them down and use like watercolor. Gave Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue a go in acrylics too.

Day 2 Awareness

Because of the accountability of the 30 In 30 Challenge, I painted during my free, daylight hours today instead of checking Facebook  and other social media sites which I have felt compelled to do the last several weeks.

More and more of my time has been spent sitting in front of my computer instead of my painting table. Not good when yet another day has gone by with nothing painted. Feeling pressured by not enough time, I certainly wouldn’t have had the presence of spirit to dig out those acrylics and experiment, which was kinda fun! And good comparison exercise.

 I have fewer free hours now than I used to which makes it even more critical on how I use those hours. I believe it will behoove this artist to be online for a pre-determined, limited amount of time in the evenings only, as in set a timer. Ding! Time’s Up!

Feeling better already :)

Needed A Jump Start On The New Year

Can you be a daily painter while working a full-time job?

We’re about to find out.

I’ve just joined Leslie Saeta’s 30 In 30 January 2014 Painting Challenge!

Jan. 1 – Day 1 Dreamscape No. 503

Opening at $35 In My DPW Gallery  - Bid: Here

So far, so good :)

Stepping Away

Maybe like me, you’ve had a busy year. My year has been busy, hamster-treadmill, busy.

Last Sunday, when the first candle of Advent was lit, more than ever, I found myself feeling its allure to slow down and reflect. Something I used to do continually, something I hardly do at all anymore. I miss it.

As I’m experiencing the need to clean my inner room and prepare on all levels, this will be my last post until after the New Year. I anticipate announcing some changes and new directions early 2014.

For anyone looking for a Holiday Project, here is one, lost in the archives from Dec. 17, 2010. Christmas Poinsettia. It is in watercolor and shows sucessive steps of negative painting. A wonderful process of mostly layered background painting , until as if by magic, the subject appears. Would be interesting to see it in alcohol inks :)

Thanks to all for following this blog. I appreciate you. Wishing all the best this Holiday Season and the coming New Year.