Color Departure

Dreamscape No. 542, 3×5, Alcohol Inks

I didn’t realize this was a color departure for me until Michelle, one of my AI FB friends, made the comment, so pretty June, and such a colour departure for you.

I thought, she’s right!

Do you have tried and true, go-to colors like I do? To keep things fresh, consider a color departure. It helps to have others view your art for objective feedback, in case you’ve departed without knowing :)


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Before Tossing That Almost Empty Paint Tube…

Get Out Your Pliers…

And Palette Knife.

There may be more pigment in that almost empty tube than we thought!


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I love the simplicity of the above Watercolor Dreamscape. It invites the viewer to enter into the painting and rest. The soft-edged, minimal, abstracted shapes suggest different interpretations.  Because there is a learning attempt on the back, not listing for sale. But am offering in this Sunday Night’s Name That Painting GIVEAWAY!

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Watercolor Dreamscaping – Observing Simplicity

This morning I’m feeling drawn to simplicity and being an observer in the painting process.

Less is not only more, it’s liberating. One touch of the brush on the paper and stepping away. Amazed at how much better the result, when attuned to the naturally occurring effects of pigment and water on paper.

Dreamscaping in Watercolor puts me in a place of watchful awareness and quiet wonderment.

A good place to be.


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Unseen Video From Level 1 DVD Filming

In September 2012 during the filming of my Level 1 Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping DVD,

I filmed the creating of Dreamscape No. 210, one of my favorites.

Dreamscape No. 210, 5x7, sold Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Dreamscape No. 210, 5×7, Sold
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

I didn’t use it because the process took so many twists and turns. There was also the faint background humming of a refrigerator in some segments and my very crooked painting apron :(

Not all days run smoothly and some Dreamscapes don’t either, I’ve decided to share 7 Rescue Attempts for One Struggling Dreamscape. I hope you can use some of these ideas for your own Dreamscapes that are almost perfect, but not quite. Here’s to not giving up too soon!


Said Goodbye to Clyde This Week

Clyde was my little companion for the past 15+ years.

Yesterday, I walked to the mailbox alone for the first time in 15 years deeply feeling his absence.

Rob holding a very happy Clyde :)

Aug. 2012 – Rob holding a very happy Clyde :)

Declining health complications with no response to medicine and not a candidate for surgery led to the hard decision I made April 14th. It helped when the vet said, “You’re doing the right thing.” Clyde was a little fighter. Still had his sweet, spunky spirit and wagging tail, still wanted to patrol the property boundaries to make sure we were safe. But because of a collapsing trachea, breathing difficulties and resulting chronic cough, he couldn’t get any rest.

Why Am I Sharing This On An Art Blog?

Because there is life outside of art. And life happens.

Sometimes there is more time for art and sometimes there is less. There are seasons and transitions between seasons…and it’s all okay and there is something each season has to teach us.

I am encouraged to see spring happening in the mountains this year; white and pink dogwoods coming into bloom, leaping black calves and dancing white lambs on pastures turning green, mountains fluffing up with foliage, birds flittering and twittering all about everywhere. In all of this I see the hope and promise of all things new….

Last week someone said, “April is a hard month for you.” She knew I had lost my mom last April 9th. She would have been 91 this April 14. The day I made the difficult decision to let Clyde go.

I am currently  in an in-between soul-searching, journaling, imagining, seeking transition. It involves loss, change, letting go and moving on. How do I live out and express my art now?


If like me, you are in a transition between seasons, I encourage you to make any necessary, hard decisions and hold on to the hope and promise of all things new.