So, What’s Different?

Just How Many Alcohol Ink Dreamscapes Can She Make?

They all look the same to me!


Dreamscape No. 195, 4x4 Alcohol Inks On Yupo Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Dreamscape No. 195, 4×4
Alcohol Inks On Yupo
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Above is one of my earlier Dreamscapes. No. 195 had a softly layered sky against clearly defined shapes, that someone said, looked like intestines…and then there were those other comments about hanging a vanilla wafer in the sky and a blob is not art

Good, stinging points and 369 Dreamscapes later…

Dreamscape No. 564, 3x5, Yupo Alcohol Inks W Acrylic Glazing Liquid Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Dreamscape No. 564, 3×5, Yupo
Alcohol Inks With Acrylic Glazing Liquid
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Above is Dreamscape No. 564 born out of continued experimentation with new products, techniques and a playful spirit delighting in discovery. Oh, and let’s not forget the countless attempts that were tossed because I wondered if maybe they looked more like anatomy lessons and cookies than art… :D

Let’s Keep Dreaming And Doing What We Love  :)



Why Are You So Edgy?

Because It Works!

Dreamscape No. 561, 3x5, Alcohol Inks With Acrylic Glazing Dreamscaping With June Rilins®

Dreamscape No. 561, 3×5
Alcohol Inks With Acrylic Glazing Liquid
Dreamscaping With June Rilins®

Talking about edge variety: smooth, blended, lost, fuzzy, hard, soft, sharp, fractured, ruffled, wiped…etc. You get the idea. Dreamscape No. 561, shown above, is all about edge variety. Click on it to enlarge and study all the different edges.

One of the characteristics of beginning work is all the edges are the same, usually hard and outlined. To add more  visual interest…

Be a little edgy! Use a variety of innovative, interesting edges in your art. And if things get too intense, lose an edge now and then :)

Have fun experimenting today!

Original Art Pins – Wear Your Story!

I’m acting on a desire I’ve had to create wearable art!

Loving how bits and pieces…

"Paving The Way" Original Art Pin, 2"x2.5" Polymer Clay ©June Rollins

“Paving The Way”
Original Art Pin, 2″x2.5″ PolymerClay
©June Rollins

 Can be transformed into small works of art!


See more Original Art Pins in my new Etsy Shop:

Original Art Pins

 Each is telling a different story. Which one is telling yours?

Is There Danger In Loving Our Paintings Too Much?

I could never let go of this!

This is something I’ve heard other artists say about their originals and I’ve been and am guilty of the same. Could this love for our precious paintings eventually destroy us?

We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. – Gollum

While we might not suffer Gollum’s fate, this over-attachment to our past paintings, could qualify us as hoarders :) Having run out of wall space, we may find our precious originals stuck behind doors, inside of closets and under beds. Or, worse, we could become stuck, living high off past laurels and stop risking and growing as artists.

Because I’m currently letting go of watercolors that had become My Preciousnesses, I’ve been pondering the above. I’ve gifted some and others are now in galleries. When one sells, I’m happy for the income and moved a painting has been valued enough by another for them to buy it. At the same time I also feel a sense of loss. It’s uncomfortable.

If I stay with the uncomfortable feeling, other awarenesses surface. Fear, will I be able to paint another as good? Loss of identity, who am I without this physical evidence of my self-worth? If I sit with those feelings long enough, a tiny trickle of a sense of freedom and liberation begin to trickle in. Then, a feeling of lightness, like floating. And before you know it…I feel encouraged and energized that my art is being enjoyed in someone else’s home or office. Inspiration wells and…


Standing Tall, 7x10 Watercolor Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Standing Tall, 7×10 Watercolor
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

…I’m fueled to begin again!

Standing Tall, barely dry, already has a new home, and continuing in the spirit of not hanging on to my precious paintings…

I just put this one up for auction with a crazy, low $5 opening bid, in case anyone is interested :)

New Every Morning, 7x10 Watercolor Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

New Every Morning, 7×10 Watercolor
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Bids are being received for this painting at: New Every Morning

Enjoy the journey!




When The Subject Chooses Us…

There’s Usually Something To Learn.

For two years, this reference photo was in a lucite stand near my art table, patiently waiting to be painted. Each time I walked by it, I would wonder why I was drawn to it. Not a particularly interesting composition, even though I was the one who had taken the photo :)

I think what drew me was the story behind these hollyhocks…

I had grown from seed.

In 2011, I was a most avid, beginning gardener, enraptured with growing things from seed. To increase my rate of seed growing success, I chose those with the shortest germination times. The back of the seed packet told me hollyhocks germinated in 10-14 days. These healthy, little seedlings appeared as promised!

But something went wrong. The entire first year, I had tall, strong, lime green hollyhock stalks filled with fluffy, lime green hollyhock foliage, but no hollyhock blooms. Not the right location? Not the right soil? Not enough Miracle-Gro? I re-read the seed packet back. Sure enough, 10-14 days to germination. But along beside that…

365 Days To Bloom

Ever had a project you poured yourself into that took longer than expected? How long is this going to take? Is it ever going to happen? Should I give-up? What were these hollyhocks trying to teach me? I googled hollyhocks to find out more:

Most hollyhocks are biennials, that is, they grow only foliage the first year, flower the second, and die that fall. However, if you establish a stand of hollyhocks, they’ll reseed each year so there will always be plenty blooming. Interestingly, the flowers open from the bottom to the top of the spike throughout the summer.


Lessons Learned From Hollyhock 101

1. Take time to work quietly and patiently underground before going public.

2. When you do have that first exhibition, give it all you’ve got as if it were your one and only  chance to shine.

3. Have many other works in progress for new life to emerge from the ground up in the future.


Last Hurrah Watercolor, 9x15 Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Last Hurrah
Watercolor, 9×15
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Teach us to number our days…Psalm 90:12

 See some of the painting process of Last Hurrah at June Rollins ART (June 14, 2014)


Nine More Dreamscapers In The World!

I asked them to choose their favorite creation during our workshop for this group photo. What I most love, besides the smiling faces, is everyone has a different Dreamscape, honoring our individuality!

Nine New Dreamscapers From Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping Workshop at Florence Thomas Art School!

These, nine very talented and creative women gave me energy and joy for two days as I shared the dreamscaping process. I was so happy my nine demos turned out and each person got to take one home as a reminder of our awesome time together!

Let’s Keep Dreaming :)

New Discovery – Acrylic Glazing With Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping

Have been experimenting with different mediums to enhance Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping effects. My current favorite is Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid  which is also the focus of my next DVD to be released late Sept. early Oct.

A few drops added during the Dreamscaping Process, creates even more varied and interesting textures. It gives the inks more workability by providing a longer drying time which also makes it much easier to create those challenging, blended, soft-edges without lightening the inks!

Plus, creating larger Alcohol Ink Dreamscapes has become easier with Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid! Above is an 11 x14 in process.

Dreamscape No. 548, 11x14, Alcohol Inks Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Dreamscape No. 548, 11×14, Alcohol Inks
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

I’m eager to demo and share these discoveries for the first time with my students in the June 9 & 10 Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping Workshop at Florence Thomas Art School. Two More Openings. For more details or to register: Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping Workshop