Supplies List – Alcohol Inks And Acrylic Glazing Liquid DVD 5

Available Early Sept. In The Dreamscaping Shop


I’ve received requests for the supplies list for my newest DVD. Thanks to all for the suggestions to provide prior to DVD being released.  Here it is :)

Supplies List For DVD 5

Alcohol Inks And Acrylic Glazing Liquid

Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Alcohol Inks And Acrylic Glazing Liquid DVD 5 features 7 demonstrations showing the possibilities and benefits of incorporating Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid while Dreamscaping with Alcohol Inks. Two of the demos also introduce watercolor.

Adirondack Mariner Collection

Adirondack Conservatory Collection

Adirondack Wild Plum

Adirondack Copper Mixative

Adirondack Silver Mixative

Adirondack Gold Mixative

Adirondack Snow Cap

Adirondack Blending Solution

Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid (satin or gloss)

Yupo – cut to sizes 5×5 and 5×7

Sharpie Oil-Based Markers Extra-Fine – Gold and Silver Metallic

*Dr. PH Martin’s Hydrus Fine Art Watercolor – 241 Gamboge

**Basic Dreamscaping Supplies

*Any professional tube watercolors can be used if diluted and applied with eye dropper or pipette.

**Basic supplies and techniques are explained in book and earlier DVDs.

Suggested Sources to Buy Supplies: for Adirondack Products for additional supplies for additional supplies


Painting Has Message

If you’ve seen my Facebook Page, June Rollins Art  or visited my DPW Gallery lately, you know of my recent fascination for creating Triad Trees. Below is today’s tree in process:

This loose way of tapping paint onto the paper is fraught with unpredictability. An aspect  I love because I can’t go on auto-pilot. I must stay connected to what the paint is doing and follow its lead. Corrections, if any, are a touch here or a lift there, so the art isn’t labored over.

Let The Title Come

This playful, spontaneous approach with no pre-planned sketch often provides insight as to what’s going on inside the artist. When dry, I step-back and ponder to see if a title emerges. Dreamscaping a way to awareness is fun and revealing :)

"Standing Her Ground" Watercolor, 6x8 Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

“Standing Her Ground”
Watercolor, 6×8
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

New auction just listed at:  Standing Her Ground. 


Paint Watercolors Without Touching The Paper!

Well, hardly touching the paper :)

Use slightly diluted, just-squeezed-out professional tube paints…

Tap in colors…

Standing Tall Triad Tree Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Standing Tall Today Triad Tree
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Announcing Spring 2015 – Have Fun Learning Watercolor DVD!

Preview Clip here soon!

Standing Tall Today Triad Tree – New Auction

Have Fun Learning Watercolor with this easy and fun way to mix primary triads by Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Simple Secret To Moody Watercolor Tree Effects

Don’t Interfere

Partly Cloudy Triad Tree 7x7, Arches 140lb., CP Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Moody Triad Tree
7×7, Arches 140lb., CP
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Here’s a Triad Tree with a little more mood! Rather than leaving the background white, a wet-in-wet sky has been added simulating clouds. The sun is still shining through though :)

The effects seen in this watercolor are from very little brushwork. The sky is the only area the brush touched the paper. For tree foliage, pigment was tapped in. Tree trunk and branches were created with a palette knife.

The most important technique in this process is not interfering. To increase odds of pulling this off, step away from the painting, check e-mail, make a cup of coffee or change a load of laundry.

By not going back into the painting during this critical, incubation stage, the pigment and water naturally blend to form wonderful organic edges with varied intensity, hues and values.


Now Up For Auction: Moody Triad Tree 




Tone It Down And Mix It Up A Little

I didn’t like them at first, the Conservatory Collection was just a little too loud and garish.

Thank goodness Teakwood  from the Mariner Collection, has toned them down a bit and…

Piñata Rich Gold, super opaque and made with real, shimmering, gold flakes plus, Adirondack Gold Metallic Mixatives, also opaque, have mixed them up a little :)

Dreamscape No. 575, 5x5 Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Dreamscape No. 575, 5×5
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Alcohol Ink Mixed Media

Dreamscape No. 575 was created with Conservatory Collection Adirondack Alcohol Inks plus Teakwood (from the Mariner Collection). The drop of gold in the sky is Adirondack Gold Metallic Mixative and the sprinkling of gold in the distant mountain and valley is Piñata Gold. I love the increased depth and sparkle from juxtaposing transparent inks with opaque, Metallic Mixatives.

But, that’s not all…

Not as easily seen, but essential in creating the subtle texturing and varied edges along with carving back to the white of the paper in foreground is my newest and most favorite medium being incorporated into the Dreamscaping Process, Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid.

Coming This Fall!

See New DVD See Preview Clip:

Alcohol Inks And Acrylic Glazing Liquid

Currently working on my 5th Alcohol Ink Dreamscaping DVD available late Sept. early Oct.. Preview Clip here soon incorporating two new alcohol Ink collections (Mariner and Conservatory), Metallic Mixatives and for starters, Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid

Back soon with more exciting discoveries

from toning it down and mixing it up a little!