Third Time’s The Charm

One of the greatest characteristics about alcohol inks is that they can easily be re-worked. Here’s an example of what I mean with the re-working of Dreamscape No. 596:

First Attempt

Some parts I loved, some I didn’t. The sky texture became a little too rough and the white rectangle in lower right quadrant was an eye-grabber.

Second Attempt

Better, but when I looked at it the next morning, it felt “choppy.” I was willing to lose it by re-working again.

Third Attempt

Dreamsacpe No. 596 3web

Toned down the whites, added gold highlights and lost some edges.

Felt good about signing this one.

I actually like the patina that develops when alcohol inks are re-worked and layered. I often re-work, not for the purpose of correcting, but creating.

Some mediums are more agreeable to re-working than others. There’s always gesso and collage for extreme therapeutic measures :)

Bring out your not so favorites and give them another chance. Happy Discoveries!


Sometimes It’s Okay To Force The Issue

When it comes to certain flower bulbs, like Paperwhites and Hyacinths!

Forcing bulbs to bloom will provide fresh flowers, fragrance and inspiration for painting this winter. Have an ongoing supply by staggering over the next few months.

I love seeing newly emerging green this time of year. It gives me hope to visualize all the bulbs dreaming and growing, hidden under the snow. Want to try? Another grand choice are Amaryllis. Here’s more info: Forcing Flower Bulbs

I don’t think Rob will mind, do you ;)


Force The Issue! Create Beauty!

Autumn Beginnings

No one can tell me Autumn is just about endings, unless you believe that in every ending, there is a beginning. Gardeners and people of deep faith know this. Maybe they are one in the same. I know my hands digging in rich dirt and my heart rejoicing over tender green shoots is for me a spiritual exchange.

Newly planted Iris building energy for glory awakening Spring 2015.

Newly planted Iris building energy for Spring 2015 glory awakening. Those small, emerging side shoots give me all kinds of hope to hold onto through the winter.

Dare I be so bold to name this experience, “Co-creating.” Even though I have heard my husband pronounce confidently from the pulpit, “We are all co-creators with God.”

Whatever it is, it nourishes my soul beyond words and I am overjoyed  to be planting this Autumn, hoping through Winter and envisioning next Spring’s glory.

Remembering earlier Iris I've grown that were models for all About Iris Series.

Remembering earlier Iris I’ve grown that became models for all About Iris Series.

Above blooming iris photo from earlier post, Become A Better Artist…

Iris No. 18 10x14, Watercolor © June Rollins

Iris No. 18
10×14, Watercolor
© June Rollins

See more Iris paintings, All About Iris

Plans are being made now for me to teach techniques used to create All About Iris Series, Spring 2015 at Tri-County Community College, Murphy, NC.


Now, to tell Rob his other birthday gift was 200 Daffodil bulbs :)

2014 Fall Trending Colors

It doesn’t escape me that the last post insisted on being yourself and not imitating :D

Here, I hope you can see I was inspired by this year’s Ladies Soft Tones. If you’re curious,  to see if you already own what happens to be walking down the 2014 Fall Runway, including the inspiration for this watercolor, check out these 2014 Fall Colors.

2014 Fall Trending Colors 7x10, Watercolor Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

2014 Fall Trending Colors
7×10, Watercolor
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Up for auction: 2014 Fall Trending Colors

Just change it up and make it your own, no one will ever know ;)

Insist On Yourself, Never Imitate!

"Hello, Gorgeous!" Watercolor, 7x10 Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

“Hello, Gorgeous!”
Watercolor, 7×10
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

This little tree is looking more like Spring than Autumn…but she could care less what I think! “Hello, Gorgeous!” is intent on being herself to the max :D

Insisting on ourselves is essential when tapping into our creativity and developing as artists. The below Emerson quote sums up why:

Insist on yourself; never imitate. Your own gift you can present every moment with the cumulative force of a whole life’s cultivation; but of the adopted talent of another you have only an extemporaneous half possession. That which each (we) can do best, none but his (our) Maker can teach him (us).

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

See more: Autumn Trees

Going Home

Going Home Watercolor, 7x10 Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

Going Home
Watercolor, 7×10
Dreamscaping With June Rollins®

This little tree, certain and unafraid, is going home.

I googled the title that came to me and discovered it was the name of a hymn with an interesting origin. Many people assume the tune was always an African American spiritual that was adapted to the symphony, but in this case, the reverse is true.

Going Home origin and lyrics

Now up for auction along with other Autumn Trees: Going Home